Seasoned firewood of mixed hardwood. All prices include delivery

1 cord-225.00

1/2 cord-125.00

1/4 cord-100.00


How much do I need?

If you are buying firewood to use in your fireplace, a cord might be a little overkill. Most people who use their fireplace a few times a week might be better off with a 1/2 or a quarter cord. Our two most popular quantities are the 1/4 cord and 1/2 cord. It really depends on how cold it is, and how often you like to sit by the fire!

If you are using a wood stove or even a heating your home with a firewood furnace than you could use at least a cord, if not several cords.

A cord of wood is 4 x 4 x 8

A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet.

Where does mulchymulch firewood come from?

We get our wood from local tree services, split and season it . None of our wood comes from more then 5-10 miles away.

Our firewood is a mix of hard woods that grow in the area. A few examples are oak, maple, cherry, ash, locust , hickory , apple, horse chestnut , beech , birch , dog wood , elm , sycamore , black walnut ,

Our firewood will be delivered at a particular time of day , not a four window. You can pay with a credit card witch the driver will swipe on a square reader. Or write a check made out to mulchymulch. Or the old fashioned way , cash .

The firewood will be dumped where ever we can back the truck up to. The end of your drive way ? If your lawn is firm we can drive across it to anywhere on the property.

The price includes delivery but not stacking . If you’d like your wood stacked it’s an additional 60.00.

There’s nothing nicer on a cold winters day than a crackling fire place and a cup of hot chocolate or a little glass of bourbon.