Dump Truck Rental

Mulchymulch offers dump truck rental on an hourly rate with a driver only. The price includes the driver. The truck can hold 6,000 lbs / 3 tons in weight. It can hold 10 cubic yards in area. The dimentions of the truck bed are 12 feet long, 7 feet wide, 4 feet high.
The price is 40.00 $ per hour. 2 hour minimum. The price includes the driver.

Why rent a dump truck?

If your doing a small demolition job it’s like having your own movable dumpster which could be filled 3-4 times a day. The truck holds 10 cubic yards. A normal price on a 10 cubic yard dumpster is 360.00 $ . For that price you can only fill it once. The mulchymulch truck can make multiple trips to the dump in a day so if the dump is not far away from the job site and the truck can be filled in a timely manner , 4 to 6 loads is not out of the question.It’s also a cab over Isuzu/gmc deisel with a short wheel base so it’s perfect for tight spots center city Philadelphia. From the ground to the top of the sides is 7 feet so it’s easy to load over the side . The truck is 7 feet wide so it will fit in almost any driveway or side street in the city. Also being a diesel it gets excellent MPG . About 20 MPG which for a dump is quite impressive. The cab holds the driver , which is always included with the truck and has a 2 passenger bench seat so you can send along 2 of your guys if need be.

Why the Mulchymulch dump truck rental?

  • The price is very good. 40.00 $ per hour including driver.
  • We are insured to drive on the roads and we also have general liability insurance.
  • We show up on time on the day were supposed to.
  • Our truck is reliable.
  • The truck looks nice. Will not be an embarrassment on your work place or home.

Payment is easy. We accept credit cards, checks , or cash.

Extra fees above the 40.00 per hour that could come up.

  • Dump fees.
  • Tolls.

The first 20 miles is included. After that it’s 4.00 $ every 20 miles. That covers my fuel. 20 MPG-diesel is about 4.00 $ per gallon.